I am offering painting tutorials seeing that we cannot get together to paint!

Also, I know that not everyone has supplies at home and the Dollar Stores are “iffy” places to shop right now so you can purchase your canvases, brushes and acrylic paint (white, black, red, blue and yellow is all you need to start) online. You can go to or or even You can also order from your local art shop and do curbside pickup! All you will need a 1″ wide flat brush, a 1/2″ wide angle brush, a 1/4″ flat or angle and a liner brush. You don’t need the most expensive either to begin.

Hope you’ll join me! and if you have questions send me an email and I will help you.

First video is free!! titled “Spring Crocus”. link:

Second video is free! titled “Spring Tulips”……. link:

Third one is for purchase – Hydrangeas – SKU LT-HYD,…. only $15. You can send me an etransfer to and use the password “hydrangea” I will then send you the link!

“Under The Sea” – SKU LT-UND……….$15. Etransfer to and use the password “underthesea”.

I accidentally recorded this on Facebook so you now end up having another free one to follow! lol
“City Skyline” link:

“Moonlit Night in the Forest” SKU LT-MOO $15
Lucky Horseshoes

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