July 2021



September 23rd at 6 pm!!!  Moonshine BBQ Smokehouse!  Same limited seating and sorry but no washable cloths or aprons will be available so please wear appropriate clothing.  If you want to see the painting please go to the ‘paintings’ page!  

August 12 – Moonshine BBQ Smokehouse  –  6 pm  Limited seating……


La Bar Prescott in Alfred – Saturday April 4th at 1pm!  It’s a wild place!!!!  

March 30th I will be back at Freskos!!!  6:30 start time!

Moonshine BBQ Smokehouse – Feb. 25th!  6pm start time!!!! and always a fun time!

New event!  Feb 8th I will be at the Arena in Vankleek Hill for their Winter Carnival!  We paint upstairs – everything is supplied – and …… drum roll….. FREE WINE!!!  Whaaa???!!!!  Yes, free wine…. if you wish something else you must purchase it at the bar downstairs!

February 4th – Anneken Barn “Barns n Bites” – Dinner and painting – 6 pm – $49              https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/barns-bites-paint-night-with-lorie-turpin-tickets-88198830075?fbclid=IwAR1wywudsEXuYwKfzvkVF_VbO5xCuEqRsgss4HcYcYc_2iX348CHf4255vw

January 21st  –  Moonshine BBQ Smokehouse – remember it’s a 6pm start time!

January 25th – La Bar Prescott in Alfred.  This is a Saturday 1pm start time!


December Calendar 

2nd – Private Party                            9th – Freskos                                       11th – Moonshine                              and the 16th – Windsor Tavern                                  

New venue!!!!   October 30th I will be painting at Moonshine BBQ Smokehouse in Hawkesbury!!!  This is a nice open place and you’ll get hungry just walking in through the door!!!  mmmmm …. especially because the start time is 5:30 pm!!!!  Yes, new start time!!!!

  You can purchase tickets at:  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/drink-n-doodle-tickets-


December is filling up!!!  the 2nd is a private party….9th is Freskos…..11th is Moonshine BBQ Smokehouse and the 16th I am finally back at the Windsor Tavern!!!  Gonna be fun!!!

Upcoming events:  October 30th at the Moonshine BBQ Smokehouse in Hawkesbury                                             November 1st – fundraiser for the Air Cadets at the North Glengarry Restaurant in Alexandria (The old Priest Mill)                                                                                                                     November 4th:  Freskos!  

I will be back at Freskos on September 16th!!!  Remember that this venue is a 6:30 pm start time!!!  Anyone have an idea that they would like to see me paint??!!!!

I have a new venue to paint at now!  Dunn’s Famous Hawkesbury asked me to hold an event so July 10th, 2019 is the date!  From 7 pm till around 9:30 pm.  Hope you can join me and if you wish to see the painting then go to my Paintings page!

Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill  –  June 17th!!!!   RSVP

Freskos in L’Orignal on May 27th!!!  Message me!!!  (because reservations are a must!)

Freskos and Deja Vu on the agenda next!

2019 is in full swing and I am now getting ready for my 2nd event at Freskos in L’Orignal and I will be back at the Windsor on March 4th!  Hope you can join me!

Painting is ready to be viewed….. if you wish!!!!  Go to the Paintings page if you absolutely need to know what we will be painting!!!!

I just set up a new event at the Windsor Tavern to be held on Monday December 3rd!  Come out and paint something for Christmas!  Think possible gift!!!  Tickets can be purchased here….. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/drink-n-doodle-tickets-52547001496?utm_campaign=new_event_email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=eb_email&utm_term=viewmyevent_button

Great night at Freskos last night with 9 willing souls who did an amazing job with our “Window” painting!  We even celebrated a young man’s 9th birthday!!!

Tickets for Freskos can be found here……  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/drink-n-doodle-tickets-52172998844

[CPMV_CALENDAR view=”2″]April 23rd – Windsor Tavern!!  Yay!!!

Super fun night last night at Deja Vu and although it seemed like a bust (people kept cancelling!!) we ended up being 20 which is a pretty good gang!  and… they did amazing renditions of my painting!  Check out the photos!  Now to get ready for Freskos on Monday night the 22nd!

So this Wednesday, October 17th, I will be at Deja Vu for a fun painting night and by the way, it’s 1/2 price Winesday!!!!

Already booked back at Freskos for October the 22nd!  How about a pre-Halloween themed evening complete with costume!!!  Aw, come on!  It will be fun!!!  Let me know if you will be attending!!

If you wish to see what we are painting on August 27th at Freskos then go to my “Paintings” page and you will see it!

I am back at Freskos Restaurant on August 27th!!!  A Monday night folks!  and yes, kids can come and paint also because it is a restaurant!  In fact I had 3 of them in July!!!  and they did super jobs!  Come see what painting and paint nights are all about!  and NO, you do NOT need any experience!!!  I teach you!!!!!

Freskos Restaurant on July 30th!!  6:45 until 9:30 or so!!

Oh my goodness…have I been this lax in posting!!!!!!!!                                                                   Let’s see…. I was at the Windsor Tavern in VKH on the 23rd of April………school in Alexandria the beginning of May………Freskos in L’Orignal on the 14th for the first time!!!!!…….then on the 16th I was at Deja Vu….. June 12th and 19th back at school in Alexandria and now am planning for the 25th to be held in Freskos!!!  After that I have a couple of private parties to prepare for.  If anyone wants me to return to Deja Vu or The Windsor Tavern please try to get a party together and I will make it happen….otherwise they want to take the summer off.  Your choice!

April 21st – Harrington Golden Age Club!!!  Challenging painting but I am sure I can make sure that they are all successful!

I am working on setting up another date at the Windsor Tavern so stay tuned!

Deja Vu was super as always and it was fun to hear the one table burst into song every once in a while!!!  Fun!!!

Oh wow!!!!!!  We sure had a rowdy crowd last night!!!  The girls were “letting loose” and having a grand old time!!!  The bartender had a hard time keeping up!  lol  But…they all painted pretty nice renditions of my painting!  Good job ladies!!  I am trying to set up the next one at The Windsor and I will try to book Deja Vu also!  Stay tuned!

Next Drink N Doodle is going to be on Monday, March 5th at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill!!  Woot woot!!  Come out and have a wee dram (or 2) and let’s chase away those winter blues!!!

Ok, time to get back to the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury!  I will be there on January 24th at 6:30 pm!  and yes, it is “Winesday”!!! (1/2 price bottle of wine!!!  )

painting for Deja Vu

Hey…. there was a great group there tonight and we even had 2 men!!!  Woohoo!!!  They all did spectacular and there are some real artists out there in this area!!!  Check out the photo on the picture page!

Already another month has passed and tonight is at the Windsor Tavern!!  28 people have signed up and let’s see what they can accomplish!!!

Tonight, Nov. 15, I am at the Deja Vu and there are ….. drum roll…… 36 people regiestered!!!!  Woohoo!  I am set up at the stage and the lighting is perfect at that end.  Yay!!!  Will post pics later!!!

The Windsor wasn’t the sell out I was expecting but we did have 11 eager beavers who did a beautiful job of their paintings!  I always love to see the variety of styles and renditions.  Love this gig of mine!!!!!

Deja Vu was a great night and The Windsor is already booking so better get your reservations in soon!!!  Could be a full house!!

Well it has been a long (cold and wet!!!) summer for me as everyone decided to take a break…. sniff sniff……  Finally I am getting dates again and I can’t be more excited!  I will be at Deja Vu in Hawkesbury on September 27th!!!!  and The Windsor Tavern in VKH on October 16th!  (yes they are super busy lately!!!)  Can’t wait to see all my fellow doodlers!!!

Monday the 12th of June I will be at The Windsor Tavern!  The painting was chosen by Cathy S and I think everyone will like it!  Better get your tickets soon though because it’s filling up fast!

Tonight I am back at Deja Vu and I think everyone is going to love the painting!  I tried something this time and let the first person who paid choose the painting and I love it!!  The second person to pay will get a glass of wine and the third person will get a surprise!   Friday I will be in Alexandria hosting a small day time event for some volunteers at a community service group!  Busy busy!!!

Busy busy busy…. no rest for the weary!!! lol Went to the Deja Vu after but Maggie’s was a bust. I think March is break time for everyone! April is starting out slow but I did have a commissioned painting to do and I am teaching at the VKH Community Center! This is a 6 week course with children and their moms and they are doing amazing! I decided to go the route of giving them a little art history and we are copying some Master’s paintings and all I can say is….”wow”!!!! they are doing fabulous jobs and the Master’s would be proud! Have to keep coming up with ideas for all these events so my thinking cap is on 24/7….
Keep on doodling everyone!

Well I am both ecstatic and disappointed at the same time….. I had 35 people registered but only 26 showed up…and the weather was not that bad. Yes….2 did confirm that they were sick which I guess is inevitable in this season….but what happened to the rest?? Anyway…. the 26 who did come were absolutely amazing and I am so proud of them! I feel that my job is to encourage total non-artists to get a peek at their inner artist and tonight! all I can say is that the “inner artists” broke loose!!! Yahoo!!! I did a beach scene with a palm tree and a fruity drink and my patrons painted: a beach towel…. a nudist’s beach!!!…. an African Volcano…. footprints in the sand…. a turtle and surfboards and wine…Rum…pina colada…. MaiTai…Margarita……well….just “wow”! I LOVE it!!!

Tonight is at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill and I have just finished setting up for 36 people! Wow!!!!! I hope everyone shows up!!!

Maggie’s was great as usual! I also went back to the school in Alexandria for the kids to paint a Valentine’s canvas for their parents! Now…tomorrow is The Windsor! Looks like a full house! Good thing I have my new toy! (microphone!) pics to come!
Now I’m getting ready to go back to Maggie’s in Alexandria. I have painted what I think is the perfect Valentine’s gift! (hint: a getaway!!)

Had a hairy drive up the Kilmar Road to Harrington but it was so worth it! Those mountain women are pretty wild and there was a lot of laughter and friendly bantering! I really enjoyed guiding you all!! and I hope I get to do it again!

Great night at the Hawkesbury Gold and Curling Club!! A great bunch and a great job of painting, ladies!! It was nice in the large room with everyone having a lot of room to paint, drink and eat! The fireplace was a nice setting!!

Well…teaching kids in a real school was a super interesting afternoon! I forgot how questioning/demanding/needy they were! but fun! I loved it and they did amazing! I am anxious to see how they actually finish their paintings next week! Thank you for inviting me to do this!

Now to concentrate on my next events at The Windsor, school in Alexandria and evening at the Hawkesbury Golf and Curling Club! Have to crank those paintings out!!! Ciaou!!!

Now to prepare for Deja Vu! This is the last event before Christmas at this venue….so join me for a relaxing evening of painting and Christmas shopping!!! (yes there will be some makeup and jewelry there!) before the total holiday madness begins!!!

They are always a super crowd at Maggie’s….fun…and so innovative! There is always a rebel or 3 in the crowd who put their own twist on the painting. I LOVE it!

Tomorrow night….Maggie’s!!! Another fun night painting…..a winter scene!!!! See you there!!!!!

Tonight is the night at the Windsor Tavern and the place is going to be full full full!!!! I am planning a challenging painting for tonight’s crew so I hope they don’t get too discouraged with me! No, really….it’s going to be great everyone! See you soon!

Maggie’s was another successful evening with a fun gang willing to follow my instructions! Great paintings guys! Now to get ready for the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill next month! and Maggie’s at the end of November! yeehaw!!!

Now I am getting ready for Maggie’s in Alexandria….it is usually a full house there so I hope you have your tickets!!! This will be a fall theme for sure so get ready!!!

That was fun! I had a great time teaching these soccer champs to paint a soccer ball! They did not want to paint the ball but they did a super job.. Ladies…you rock!!!

Getting ready for the Girl’s Soccer team in Vankleek Hill! Hope they enjoy what I have chosen to paint!

Tonight…October 17 is at the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury!!! Come on out and have some fun with the gang! It will be a fall scene so some great soft muted colours….. Hope to see you at 7pm!!

Simple Simon’s was so much fun and what a great small town bar! I love the Juke Box music!!! The gang was fun and they did amazing paintings….. and of course I had to have one rebel in the group who painted a boat instead of trees!!! LOL

Simple Simon’s in just 6 days! This is a small local bar situated in the quaint little village of Calumet, Qc….just past Grenville. Come out and have some fun with me this Saturday night! And don’t forget Monday the 17th at Deja Vu in Hawkesbury! This is going to be my very first “Couple’s Night”! and it will be exciting to see how couple’s paint their own individual canvases but when they put them together they will have created a complete scene together!

October is going to be a busy month! the 15th is at Simple Simon’s in Calumet…..the 17th is at Deja Vu and this one will be my first “Couple’s Night”!!! Get those guys out! Then I have a private party on the 21st for the girl’s Soccer Team and then back at Maggie’s Chicken and Ribs on the 24th. Get your tickets early because spots fill up and they are limited!!!

Second night at Maggie’s Chicken and Ribs in Alexandria! Full house….all 35 tickets sold and everyone had a good time painting a daunting sunflower scene with a little humingbird. They did amazing paintings!

Today, the 25th of Sept. I hosted a bridal shower for my daughter-in-law to be! We had a painting party with a lot of laughs and eats! Can’t wait till they tie the knot on October the 1st!! Pics are on the picture page.

So I am all set up at the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury and it looks like it’s almost a full house tonight! Yahoo! love this!!!

Less than 24 hours until my next Drink N Doodle!!! woohoo!!! I will be at Deja Vu in Hawkesbury with paintbrush in hand and paints at the ready to slap on the canvas! Are you with me!!!!!

Fabulous night at the Windsor!!! and what a group….We sure had some laughs along with those scary tense moments of, “I can’t do that!” and “mine isn’t right!” but it all got worked out and everyone left happy! That’s all that matters. Now on to the next one at Deja Vu on Wednesday night. Fun fun fun!

Tonight is the night at The Windsor!!! woohoo!!!! Looks like a good crowd so it should be a lot of fun!

Now I am also booked at Deja Vu in Hawkesbury for the 14th of Sept. and the 26th of September I will be back at Maggie’s Chicken and Ribs in Alexandria. October 15th I will be in Calumet at Simple Simon’s! Wow!

Only 10 more days until the night at the Windsor Tavern in VKH! Hmmmmm what to paint? Are you joining me??!!!

Had a blast at Deja Vu and everyone loved the sunflower we painted.  Check out the pics!  Now I just booked at The Windsor in Vankleek Hill for the 12th of September.  Yes, a Monday night….what better way to start off the week!  Email me for your spot!

Tonight is the night at Deja Vu!  I’m all set up and ready to go!  Let’s paint!!!

I will also be at Deja Vu in Hawkesbury on August the 17th….that’s a Wednesday night and I hope to see you there!  Email me….message me….. call me……let’s do this!

I just booked at Maggie’s Restaurant in Alexandria!  Monday night the 22nd of August!  Yahoo!  Another venue for Drink N Doodle!  It will be the usual 7 pm start so come early to get your spot, your drink and to register.  Please RSVP and I require a deposit of $15 in order to hold your spot.  Email me and I’ll put your name down!

I just finished an event at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill on Monday night, July the 25th with a very happy group.  I have not yet scheduled another one but be assured that there will be one on the horizon very soon!

I will keep you posted here and if a date sounds good to you then send me an email and a deposit and I will mark you in my little blue book!