Hi and welcome to my site!


I am finally back and holding some classes!!!  Yay and Yahoo!!!  I missed you guys so so so much!!!  I have started at Moonshine BBQ Smokehouse and we only allow 10 people in so that we are socially distanced with bubbles together.  I wear my mask the whole time with my microphone so that everyone can hear me and I don’t use my washable cloths or aprons in order to limit the amount of touching I have to do with everything…. Covid being what it is….. sigh.  

I have created some video tutorials for you to follow along with!  So go to STORE and you’ll see the selection of paintings that you can choose from.  Three of them are free!!!  


Did you know that I am available for private parties!!!!  I can set up at your place or a venue of your choosing!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  and I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Decade!!!!!  

I would like to wish all my American friends and family and blessed Thanksgiving.  Love you all.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!  I am thankful for my family, my good friends and my life.  I am thankful that I get to paint every day and bring joy to those who join me at my painting events!  God bless one and all….. 

New date to mark on your calendar!  May 27th!!!  Monday night at Freskos in L’Orignal!  We are going to be painting a vibrant, colourful  painting nostalgic of lazy evenings around a campfire with good friends and spectacular scenery! 

Hey my peeps!!  I am so so sorry….. I have been so totally immersed in the town Mural Project that it has become a full time job and I have been neglecting everything else!!….. It’s been mostly me doing the painting but thank goodness for my good friend Bridget MacDonald who does my copying and tracing of the old onto to the new panels!  She is a Godsend!!!  I am really missing everyone though so I am in the process of planning some DND nights!!!!  Stay tuned for upcoming dates and venues!!!!

A New Year has begun…..one we shall not shun…….one to embrace and face……head on!  Let us go bravely into the new realm!!  

Well another year has come and is almost gone….Drink N Doodle is in holiday mode so I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful and very Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring us much needed Peace, Joy and excellent good Health.



Tonight is the night for Deja Vu!!!  We will be painting a Christmas themed painting!!!  Yay!!!!

Tickets can be found on Eventbrite.ca.  Just search DrinkNDoodle!

Hey peeps!  so are you painting or doodling in your spare time??  and did you know that doodling whenever increases your concentration!  think meetings and classes!!  Just do swirls,,,circles,,,,,,squares,,,,,,zig zags,,,,, whatever!!!!!  Just doodle!!!!!!!  It is good for the brain!

Did you know that I can do private parties??  Well I can and I will!!!  Tell me when and where and how many and a theme if you have one and voila!  a party!!!!

Well the summer proved to be a slow lazy time and there was not much doodling going on BUT I’m back and I have 3 events lined up for October!  Woohoo!!!  October 1st at the Windsor Tavern; October 17th at Deja Vu and October 22nd at Freskos!!!  Busy busy busy!!!  All the paintings are done and can be viewed on the ‘paintings’ page!  Hope to see you there!

Freskos was a great night and everyone did a fantastic job on their beach paintings!!  Now I am booked again back at Freskos on the 27th of August!  Join us!!!

Are you curious as to what I will be painting at the next event??  The one I will be painting at Freskos on the 30th is on the “Paintings” page!  Check them out!  And if you see a painting you would like to paint let me know and let’s make a party!

Just held an event for a Bride to be and her “team”!  Fun night and each painting was different from the next!!

Freskos on Monday the 25th of June was a super night!  17 people were there along with 3 kids aged 6, 9 and 11!!!!  and they did a pretty good rendition of my painting!  There were also 3 friends who would burst into song occasionally so that was fun!  Pics are on the Photos page!!!

Just finished my last lesson at school in Alexandria for the summer so hopefully I can return next year!  Teaching the young-uns is something else!!!  LOL  Now I know why teachers tend to yell….one needs to in order to be heard above the din!!!!!   hahahahaha

June 25th I will be at Freskos Restaurant in L’Orignal!!  This is a well lit venue that is perfect for painting and the owner and waitresses are so accommodating!!  Love it!

May 2018 is proving to be a busy month!  Not only am I going to Deja Vu on the 16th but a new place on the 14th!!  Freskos in L’Orignal!  Also, I will be back at Elda Rouleau school in Alexandria for a Mother’s Day painting!  Don’t worry dads…I will be back there is June for a Father’s Day painting!  And…. I am giving private lessons again after the long long long winter!!  yay!  Gotta paint!

Now on to getting things ready for The Windsor Tavern tomorrow night!  Should be a good crew and I think they are going to enjoy the painting I did for them!  I hope so anyway!!!!

And now it is April 22nd…..Earth Day!!!!  and time to clean up my ‘earth’ and by that I mean all my brushes and cups I used yesterday in Harrington!  They all embraced the task of painting the challenging church and I think they outdid themselves!  Check out the photos!!!

April 21st I will be at the Harrington Golden Age Club for a rip roaring DND!  These gals love to party!!!!

April 23rd I am back at the Windsor Tavern in VKH and this is another group that knows how to have fun!  Come on out and join me and see what all the fuss is about!!!

Last night was great at the Deja Vu and 20 willing souls painted some beautiful renditions of my painting.  Kudos to you all!!!!

In one week, March 28, 2018, I will be at the Deja Vu Resto/Bar in Hawkesbury guiding you through painting a spring themed painting.  It is a fun evening and regardless of your experience (or lack of!!) you WILL go home with your very own masterpiece!!!  $30 gets you all the materials needed and I do need you to RSVP so I can have the correct number of canvases and amount of paint on hand.  Message me, email me or call me and after you etransfer me I will add your name to my list and your spot will be guaranteed!  Hope to see you there!  (if you want to see the painting go to the Pictures page and it will pop up)

The Windsor Tavern was sure hopping last night (the 5th) with the rowdy crowd of artists!!!  We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun.  Check out the paintings on the Pictures page!  Now I am working on booking more gigs!!  Keep checking the calendar!

Almost the month of March and I just finished the painting for my next gig at The Windsor Tavern on March 5th!  If you wish to see what the painting will be then go to my Pictures page and you will see it.  If you wish it to be a surprise then wait till March 6th to look at the pictures!!!  lol

2018 is now in full swing and I have set a date to return to the Deja Vu Resto/Bar in Hawkesbury!  I will be there on January 24th and it is still 1/2 price bottle of wine day!  You can see the painting we will be doing on the Upcoming Events page.  Come join me and forget all your cares for a few hours!!

I want to wish all you out there in cyberspace a Very Merry Christmas!!!  and Happy Holidays!!  Happy Hanukkah!!  Happy Kwanzaa!  and even the scrooges!!!  LOL

Take care one and all – stay safe – and may 2018 bring much joy, love and good health to each and every one of you!

Hi Peeps

Well, Christmas is only 2 weeks away and tonight was my last DND until the New Year.  BUT!!!!!!!!!!!  I am always available for private parties….. business parties…….. Birthdays……… or even just some private lessons!

I am going to miss everyone!

Gift Certificates now available!!!!!!!!!!!!!  for either a Drink  N Doodle or a private painting lesson!!!

Yes…. I give private lessons now!!!!!!  as well as group, parties, school classes…. You want it then I’m sure I can accommodate you!

A new painting adventure is in the works for the Windsor Tavern!!  December 11th!  They redecorated the room and installed new lighting so you will have a better experience now!!!  Come on out for the last hurrah before the Christmas craziness begins!!  (maybe paint a Christmas present!!)

Hello Everyone….well we just finished setting up at the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury and it is a sell out!!!!!  36 people are showing up so I got to set up at the stage!!!  I will be on the stage!!!  just hope I don’t fall off!  LOL!!!!  I painted a nice winter scene and the coordinator, who organized this event (Prescott Russell Victim’s Services) love the painting so …. phew!!!  I always wonder if people will like what I show them….. now to get psyched up for it!

Hey everyone!!!  Who would be interested in joining me for a Drink N Doodle at The Atlantic Eatery and Pub in Alexandria????  It would be on a Sunday afternoon….. If I get enough response I will set it up!!!  I would love to reconnect with my Alexandria (and region) people!!!!  Email me!!    lorie.turpin@gmail.com

It is now the end of September and I just had my first Drink N Doodle back at the Deja Vu in Hawkesbury and it felt so darn good to be back in the saddle again after a full 2 month hiatus!!!  The ladies were wonderful and did a superb job on their paintings.  (check them out in the Photos!)  Now to prepare for the next event at The Windsor in Vankleek Hill on October 16th.  I think it’s going to be a sell-out!!!  I am getting excited already!!!

Scandalous Sketching was a total blast and our “Studies after the Old Masters” show was a great success!  I sold 3 paintings out of 4!!!!  woohoo!!!!!!

This will be a guided drawing course with a live model! Ooh la la!!! Zero experience necessary!!

There is a new show going on at the Arbor Gallery this month and runs until September  17 th.  It is titled, “Studies after The Old Masters”.  There are some very fine “studies” done by 8 local artists that really show the amazing talent that is in our small region of the globe!  The Vernissage (meet and greet the artists) takes place August 12th from 2 to 4 pm and there will be music, and light refreshments.  Please come out and ogle the stupendous paintings!

Study done after Johannes Vermeer. Artist – Lorie Turpin.

The local bars decided to take a break for the summer but I was getting requests so I will be at the Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill next Monday night, the 10th of July!  Yahoo!!!  It is going to be a sunny painting!!!

Well….the past couple of months seem to have slowed down and I guess that’s because school is ending and there are always a lot of end of year activities but the events I have done have gone extremely well!  Deja Vu is doing well….one is on the horizon for The Windsor Tavern (next Monday the 12th!) as well as private parties are going strong.  I can give you private lessons if you wish and I am always up for a commissioned painting!  Talk to me!

I am now called “teacher” by 12 young girls and their moms at the VKH Community Center! I love it! Never knew I could do this but …. YES WOMEN CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

This year is in full swing and did anyone notice that both February and March have the exact same dates!!! That means that what I did in February is being repeated in March – the 6th at the Windsor…. the 22nd at Deja Vu and the 27th at Maggies! Easy to remember, right!!! I am finding that the more I continue with the groups the more they are getting adventurous and letting their inner artists take over! I LOVE it!!! and methinks some of the students are surpassing the Teacher!!! LOL

Well, Christmas is almost upon us….again! Boy it sure does come faster every year! This is going to be a busy month what with more DND’s at The Windsor on the 12th…..school classes in Alexandria and private parties!
I am loving this gig of mine!!!
So Merry Christmas (yes I said it!!) and a very healthy, happy, prosperous and wonderful New Year to you all!
Keep painting!

Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends near and far…I am grateful that you are all in our lives.

Drink N Doodle is an experience I offer to everyone to explore and release their inner artist!  Whether you are a closet artist or someone who cannot even draw a stick figure this fun event is for you.

I guide you through the painting from beginning to end and I tell you which brush to use and I show you how to use it!  I paint along with you and demonstrate the strokes so that there is no mystery.  After a couple of hours or so you will go home with a finished canvas of your very own masterpiece!

The thrill for me is seeing all the happy faces and the “wows” with what they managed to create.  It is fun…it is creative….it is rewarding.

So come and join me!